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Tikvah For Animals


Born out of antisemitism in the animal freedom movementTikvah For Animals was created to fill a gap in the community- a safe space for Jews while creating systematic change for animals.

Our vision at Tikvah For Animals is one where animals are fully protected by law & animal exploitation is unaccepted in society. We utilize strategies used by successful social justice movements & support initiatives that bring us closer to animal freedom in Israel & Jewish communities worldwide. More specifically, our focus to stop animal suffering is through strategic campaigns & mass mobilization. 

Our Values

Justice & Freedom

We strive for a world of justice & freedom for animals.



We highly value being effective and choose our campaigns, strategies, & messaging accordingly.

Open mindedness

We are open to learning about & improving our methods. 


We put in the necessary work even if it's not glamorous.


We stand for nonviolence in our messaging & actions.

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