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Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona


Change happens when we come together to act. No action is too small and no person is unneeded.


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Work with Us Behind the Scenes

Start Your Own Initiative

Spread The Word

Feel like your talents best suit behind the scenes work- like researching, planning, and giving guidance?

We are always looking for people with different skills to help out, including but not limited to:

Legal expertise, content creation, research, lobbying, media, & event planning.

We encourage anyone who has an idea on a nonviolent initiative to take the lead.


We are glad to provide assistance where we can!

Feel especially pulled towards any of our campaigns or content? Share our work and ways to get involved with your family & friends.

The more people that are informed, the more there are that can feel knowledgable & empowered to take action for animals!


Want to join our team, attend an event, or start your own initiative? Fill out the form below, & we look forward to getting in touch!

How can you help?

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